Your Urban Oasis for Transformation and Well-Being in Houston

Welcome to Journey HTX, your urban oasis in the heart of Houston—a haven designed for relaxation, rejuvenation, and holistic well-being. We are dedicated to providing transformative experiences that go beyond the ordinary.
Founded with a deep commitment to helping individuals, communities, and businesses find balance in their lives, our retreat center offers a unique blend of evidence-based practices, diversity, inclusivity, and a physical space that serves as a dedicated oasis. Our journey began as a Buddhist Retreat Center, evolved into a Catholic Retreat Center, and has now emerged as a sacred haven in the city—a place that reflects the divine on earth.
Experience a sanctuary where you can relax, reset, and reconnect with your mind, body, and spirit. Whether you seek solace in our free consultations, immerse yourself in the restorative vibrations of our sound healing sessions, or explore the ancient wisdom of Kemetic Yoga™, JourneyHTX is here to guide you on your path to well-being.
Our offerings extend beyond personal experiences to include event, conference, and retreat opportunities. The tranquil surroundings of our seven-acre retreat center in Houston's Sunnyside neighborhood provide a nurturing space for gatherings that prioritize the holistic well-being of participants.
To inquire about our services, events, or to schedule your retreat experience, please contact us at (708) 941-4369. Let Journey HTX be your partner in creating memorable moments of relaxation, growth, and connection. Welcome to a transformative journey—where the urban oasis meets the soul's sanctuary.
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