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Journey HTX

Our Attraction Is No Distraction

Your Urban Oasis for Transformation and Well-Being in Houston

Welcome to Journey HTX, your urban oasis in the heart of Houston—a haven designed for relaxation, rejuvenation, and holistic well-being. We are dedicated to providing transformative experiences that go beyond the ordinary.
Founded with a deep commitment to helping individuals, communities, and businesses find ...
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Embracing Well-Being Through Distinctive Practices and Inclusive Spaces

We stand apart with a distinctive approach deeply grounded in evidence-based practices. Our commitment to diversity and inclusivity is woven into the fabric of our ethos, creating a space that embraces the richness of individual experiences and perspectives.
At the core of our offerings is a dedication to ...
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A Sacred Haven Rooted in Spiritual Reflection

Embark on a profound journey of transformation with Journey HTX—an evolving sanctuary that has transitioned from a Buddhist Retreat Center to a Catholic Retreat Center and now stands as a luminous oasis in the heart of Houston. Rooted in spirituality and founded with a noble purpose, we reflect the divine on ...
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Take a Deep Breath

Journey is a thin place, where it is on earth as it is in heaven. 
Initially a Buddhist Retreat Center, then a Catholic Retreat Center, we founded JourneyHTX to help individuals, communities, and businesses relax, reset, and reconnect to their mind, body, and spirit. 
Now, as we continue this transformative journey, your support becomes a vital force. By contributing to JourneyHTX, you play a key role in nurturing well-being and fostering a sanctuary where the earthly and divine converge. Join us in uniting heaven and earth through your generous donation, creating a lasting impact on the well-being of those who seek solace, connection, and renewal at JourneyHTX.


"Kneel Deeply Where Others Have Prayed, for Surely the Spirit of God is in That Place."

Hello and welcome to Journey HTX! We're thrilled that you're considering a transformative journey with us. Feel free to reach out with any questions or to schedule your experience. Your journey to thriving starts here.

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