A Sacred Haven Rooted in Spiritual Reflection

Embark on a profound journey of transformation with Journey HTX—an evolving sanctuary that has transitioned from a Buddhist Retreat Center to a Catholic Retreat Center and now stands as a luminous oasis in the heart of Houston. Rooted in spirituality and founded with a noble purpose, we reflect the divine on earth, serving as a sacred haven for individuals, communities, and businesses seeking solace and connection.
Under the compassionate ownership of the United Church of Christ, Journey HTX is guided by the visionary leadership of Dr. Vanessa Monroe. A multifaceted individual, Dr. Vanessa brings a wealth of experience as an author, convenor, visionary, spiritual director, and pastor. Her journey, shaped by diverse roles as an engineer and medical malpractice attorney, is intertwined with a deep involvement in the faith community.
Dr. Vanessa's leadership is characterized by the fusion of faith and social justice, creating a space where spirituality and healing coalesce. Her analytical approach, legal insights, and commitment to individual and community well-being make JourneyHTX a unique and transformative destination. As a space that evolves with intention, we offer comprehensive guided resources aimed at helping individuals thrive in life.
Journe yHTX is more than a retreat center—it is a dynamic tapestry woven with the threads of diverse experiences, unwavering faith, and a profound commitment to healing. Whether you seek to relax, reset, or reconnect to mind, body, and spirit, we invite you to join this extraordinary journey, where the sacred meets the earthly and transformation becomes a tangible reality.
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